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Circular economy concept. Two hands asse

Research Programmes

Development of recyclable and sustainable products as part of the circular economy.

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SkatteFUNN (2017-2018)

Minolite Spheres

Minolite has received grants from The Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet) as part of the SkatteFUNN program ES603974 for the development of a method to produce lightweight granulates for construction concrete made from recycled glass.


“Minolite process is “trendsetting” in the foamed glass market.”

Leading Process & Engineering Company

“Even in adhesive tail mortars formulation Minolite surprisingly did outperform the leading competitive product. The morphology of the Minolite is quite unique with a very beautiful and smooth appearance which provides excellent rheology properties, mixing efficiency and ease of compaction.”

Specialty Minerals Leader

“The development and use of light weight construction is an important requirement for the competitiveness of the industry leading to the creation of a “lightweighting initiative” at the European level”

Federal Ministy of Economy and Energy Germany

“Can we purchase yearly volume to reformulate our current products?”

Mortars and Light Concrete Manufacturer (Southern Europe)

  “We did mix design simulation up with 50% substitution by Minolite with very interesting fuse curve.”

Concrete Technical Expert

“Our new light weight ready mix concrete products are growing very fast but need further formulation optimization.”

Concrete Producer

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