Performance fillers for the circular economy

Minolite has developed an extensive range of high performance fillers in cellular glass.



Minolite Performance Fillers

Minolite has developed an extensive range of performance fillers in cellular glass that offer customers a more environmentally sustainable and higher performing alternative to some existing technologies.

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Minolite CA

Filler for concrete

Minolite CA 2-8

Minolite™ CA is a rounded lightweight filler.

Key Performance Characteristics:

  • Bulk Density 250 g/l

  • Resistance to crushing 6.2 N/mm2

  • Water absorption 4.4% by volume

  • Smooth and matt surface texture

  • Uniform cell distribution

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • No alkali reactivity

  • High dimensional stability

  • 2.0mm – 8.0mm in diameter

Minolite CM

Filler for mortar

Minolite CM 0.3-2.0

Minolite™ CM is designed as performance micro fillers for liquid mortar, based on recycled glass.


Key Performance Characteristics:

  • Bulk density 300g/l +/-10%

  • Resistance to crushing 2.9 N/mm2 

  • Water absorption 3% by volume

  • Sealed cell structure

  • High dimensional stability

  • High temperature resistance

  • Range from 0.3 mm – 2.0 mm

Minolite TI

Turf Infill

Minolite TI 1-2

Minolite™ TI, a performance filler for artificial turf based on recycled glass waste from Norwegian households to replace the use of rubber crumb. It contains no microplastics, it's non toxic in contact with ground water and it acts as a soil improvement product when released into nature. The filler can be re-used, recycled or upcycled into other products in a circular economy.


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