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Minolite, a Valunor technology

Minolite is developing lightweight aggregates that enhance the performance of building materials and enable the construction of sustainable cities and communities. Our carbon-free production process upcycles recycled glass into high-value circular products that outperform all existing lightweight aggregates in the market today.

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Minolite in floating structures

Performance of Minolite products for floating concrete structures

Thanks to their very high strength resistance, low water absorption, and very low average density of 0.3 g/cm3, Minolite products make it possible to produce high-performance floating structures.
By partially replacing normal aggregates, you can develop innovative solutions to avoid the use of plastic polymers in these structures.
Minolite is a completely environmentally green technology that uses recycled materials without CO2 emissions during its manufacturing process and crucially, has no polymer in its formulation. Thus, by completely avoiding the risk of dispersion of microplastics in water, it is totally harmless to the environment.
Minolite can be applied in many applications such as floating marina decks, sea and lake platforms, fish farming structures, floating housing, offshore wind turbines, and solar panel solutions.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Minolite/Valunor Team

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TOP50 Contech Startups 2021

@CEMEX Ventures has named us one of the Top 50 Contech Startups of 2021 from the construction technology ecosystem! # Minolite provide great solution in the area of green building construction.  We are thrilled to join this list along with our fellow colleagues from the industry. 2022 is looking very promising! #Top50ContechStartups2021

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GRC2023, London, UK

We have presented the unique properties of Minolite at the GRC 2023, London, United Kingdom, 9 - 12 May 2023

More than 150 participants from 40 countries participated in this conference. Minolite is of interest to GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) manufactures who are looking for the superior quality product.

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